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Frank Mustilli

Managing Director & Head Fencing Coach

Frank has trained and developed individual champions in District, State, National & World Championships. 

  • 36 Championships 
  • 63 District Championships 
  • 16 Iron Hills Conference Championships
  • 9 individual State Championships
  • 5 National Champions
  • 2 World Champions

Frank Mustilli has been an integral part of New Jersey’s illustrious fencing programs since 1991.

Frank’s professional expertise encourages self-esteem, self-confidence and enthusiasm. His proficiency in all weapons, combined with the desire and passion of his students propel them and their teams to top rankings in district, state, regional, national and world championships.

Frank founded New Jersey Fencing Alliance (NJFA) a 501 (c) 3 in 2004. At 17,000 sq. ft. it is one of the largest facilities in the country. The Club is dedicated to introducing the sport of fencing to people of all ages, athletic ability, and diversity.

Sekou Tounkara

 Epee Coach
  • Olympic Athlete Career Program
  • Olympic Sports Management
  • F.I.E. Certified Epee Coach
  • Sénégal National team coach for Junior Cadets (2013 – 2015)

Ahmed Abdallah

Foil Coach
  • 26 medals at the National Championships and Cups (10 gold, 5 silver, 11 bronze)
  • 4 medals at the National Universities Championships 1 gold 1 silver 2 bronze
  • Arabian universities competitions 1 silver 1 bronze
  • Championship for the Arabian Champion clubs 1 silver
  • Top 16 finisher twice in two World Cups ( junior and senior)

I was born and raised in Egypt and started fencing  among many other sports. I started practicing from the age of 8 years old.  After many years in the sport, I was chosen among the 8 fencing athletes all over the country, to join the Prestigious Talented Athletes School.  This opportunity motivated me to push myself more, and dedicate my craft to fencing not only others, but also to train others…

I have been fencing for more than 20 years, ten years among the Egyptian National Team.  Fencing is a noble Olympic sport, and one of many facets that makes it a special and prestigious sport to compete in.  Fencing has many benefits, there is the  physically and mentally, simply referred to as physical chess. Fencing develops physical strength, self-control, discipline, mental toughness, fast reactions and responses. It’s really an amazing sport to practice.

I was born raised in Egypt,  as a child I practiced many different sports but my passion was always to become a fencer.  I started fencing at 8 years old, and after many tournaments and intense fencing programs, I became a member of the Egyptian National Team, during that time I participated in many national and international competitions. I am also a member and fenced for the Prestigious    National Team for 10 years.

When I received the  opportunity to utilize my professional experience here in the United States, I was very proud to not only to represent my country, but to be able to work with other international fencers in this country.  I currently coach young boys and girls from ages 5-15 years old, the basic foundations and techniques of fencing. I also referee at tournaments held at (NJFA) and travel to those via (USA Fencing).

This sport is very rewarding yet demanding, fencing requires commitment and passion.  However, the results are tremendously beneficial, and leave you having a powerful workout regimen, also building your physical strength/stamina. Furthermore, the ability to process very quickly, mentally and physically.

In essence, fencing is referred to as “Playing a game of chess.

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