NJFA News & Schedule Changes

We would like to inform you of the following updates and class schedule changes:

Coach Blessing is a (CHS) Alumni, who has fenced internationally representing her country of birth Nigeria, and has fenced for Temple University, located in Pennsylvania. Blessing has also placed 2nd at the 2020 Olympic Qualifiers. She will instruct the musketeer and beginner sabre classes on Mondays, until we have confirmed a permanent replacement for the program. Unfortunately, due to her availability, we have to change Wednesday’s beginner class to Monday.

Coach Blessing will instruct the following 2 classes effective Monday 11/8:
Musketeers 4pm – 5pm; Beginners 5pm – 630pm

Coach Ethan/Eddie will instruct Saturday’s sabre classes till further notice.

  • We now offer Foil classes 3x per week – cost of package is $400 for (12) 2-hr classes and (4) 20-min private lessons per month. Classes are held on Tues/Thurs 6-8pm & Sat 11:30-1:30pm with Coach Moataz.
  • Please remember to book your Private Lessons via our online site or by using the “Mindbody” app on your mobile device. Private lessons must be used in the month received, as they do not rollover and cannot be canceled on the day to be given.

If your fencer wishes to enter local tournaments kindly go to: USA Fencing and askFred.net

If you register for a tournament, please remember:

  • Check out information regarding Covid19 Requirements
  • You MUST purchase a USFA Individual Competitive Membership first in order to book events
  • New equipment can be purchased from our Pro-Store as our rentals will not pass tournament standards

Please do not hesitate to contact the front desk if you have any questions.

Thank you.